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Give a Paster a Library » Psalm 67 Missions Network

Give a Paster a Library

 Give a “Pastor’s Library”

It is the desire of Psalm 67 Missions Network to provide “other than English” materials to Pastors and Leaders in areas where there is a lack of theologically sound materials. Through the ministry “Faro de Gracia” we are able to provide these materials to individuals who are working in leadership among evangelical works in non-English speaking roles.


The titles of the ten publications are:

  1. Caminando con Dios – J.C. Ryle (Practical Religion)

  2. Contentamiento Cristiano – Jeremiah Burroughs (Christian Contentment, a Rare Jewel)

  3. Gloria de Cristo – John Owen (Glory of Christ)

  4. Misterio de la Providencia – John Flavel (Mystery of Providence)

  5. Mortificación del Pecado – John Owen (Mortification of Sin)

  6. Rasgos Distintivos del Verdadero Cristiano – Gardiner Spring (Distinctive Traits of True Christian Character)

  7. Remedios Preciosos contra las Artimañas del Diablo – Thomas Brooks (Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices)

  8. Sobre la Tentación – John Owen (On Temptation)

  9. Union con Cristo – A.N. Martin (Union with Christ)

  10. Vida por su Muerte – John Owen (Death of Death in the Death of Christ)

  11.  6 paperback commentaries on the NT epistles.

The total cost of providing the books for this program is $75.00 USD per pastor, plus around $12 for shipping.