Psalm 67 Missions Network partners with congregations and individuals in making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the Spanish-speaking world through discipleship, encouragement, fellowship, and long-term commitment for the glory of God and the expanse of His Kingdom.


We specifically seek to fulfill this mission with our vision: Training, partnering and sending.



Pastor/Leadership Training – PS67MN partners with experienced Pastors and other leaders to join you on site to provide theological training in a variety of areas.
Internships – Our interns are partnered with a mentor and are given assignments that include coursework as well as gaining practical experience on the field. Internships are scheduled for a term established by need and availability of a mentor/host location.





PS67MN forms ongoing relationships with congregations and missionaries in the field for the purpose of accountability, encouragement, and instruction.
Scholarship Program – We desire to partner with (non English-speaking) church leaders to provide scholarships to approved institutions for theological education.
Resource Sharing Program – We seek to locate and obtain biblical resources for partners in non English-speaking areas.





Short-term (1 week to 6 months) – Individuals and specialized groups are partnered together for work under the authority of a local congregation or missionary. Our short-term programs are unique in the sense that we view them as a “missionary experience” and use these times for the purpose of discipleship for the person being sent as well as for those whom we are serving at the host site.
Long-term (greater than 6 months) – In the future, PS67MN will seek to partner with other congregation to send out the Gospel through trained and approved long-term missionaries.