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How can you help » Psalm 67 Missions Network

How can you help

How You Can Help

Could you or your congregation support us by committing to praying?
Could you read our prayer updates on the website and make this a priority?
Could you pray for the leaders and missionaries?

Consider whether or not you would be willing to partner with us for a future short-term mission.

Could you, your congregation, Sunday School class, or small group, consider becoming a monthly financial partner?
Could you contribute to a particular mission or program (scholarship for a Pastor)?



Send contributions by mail to:
Psalm 67 Missions Network
3761 Telegraph Rd
Arnold, MO 63010






What You Can Give To Help Our Trips To Mexico

Soccer balls official size-12 $130.00

T-Shirts-25 $175.00
Bibles-24 $75.00
“Two Ways to Live” tracts-125 $64.00
“Who Will Be King” tracts-50 $52.00