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Nuevo León » Psalm 67 Missions Network

Nuevo León

Nuevo León


In June, 2016 we began the ongoing work in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico under our dear partner, Pastor Candido Bartolome. According to Nation’s Encyclopedia: (According to the 2000 census) 78% of the population, or about three million people, are Roman Catholic; and about 6%, or 211,402 people, are Protestant.

Part of the efforts in Nuevo León include resource sharing.
Through an organization called “The Gospel Coalition” we are able to provide the following resources to Pastors/Leaders:

- What Is the Gospel?, Greg Gilbert
- God’s Big Picture, Vaughan Roberts
- Church Discipline, Jonathan Leeman
- Expository Ministry, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
- Grace Upon Grace, Juan Sanchez
- Sound Doctrine, Bobby Jamieson
- Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin

Also, as part of our work in Nuevo León, we have a ministry team who travel to serve with Pastor Bartolome in various ways. You can stay connected with us on Facebook/Twitter for updates.