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General Information » Psalm 67 Missions Network

General Information

General Information

We are glad you are interested in knowing more about short-term ministry opportunities with Psalm 67 Missions Network.


Those who participate in short-term missions opportunities generally:

  • Desire to serving Christ and his Kingdom to those who are lost and are in need, developing  a more informed view of missions, or perhaps assisting them in whether or not God is calling them in to some sort of vocational service.
  • Desire to serve in a cross-cultural setting (even for ministry work in the United States of America)
  • Consider the mission work to be an important step in preparing for future long-term missionary work in an “other than English speaking context” or as training for a better cross-cultural witness at home (or both).


Some things to consider when possibly applying for a short-term ministry trip:

  • What are your desires for wanting to go?
  • Do you have any goals?
  • Would the people in your own congregation be supportive in your endeavor?
  • Are you specifically drawn to any group of people, region, language, culture?


What are essential “distinctions” of mission opportunities with Psalm 67 Missions Network?

  • Christ Centered – We desire to seek God’s glory and his ends not our own.
  • We focus on partnership rather than pity. Our focus is on the long-term relationship rather than a one-time experience.
  • Our short-term mission opportunities are arranged so that there is training before, during, and after our assignment. A short-term mission trip is not built around “doing” or “accomplishing a particular task” but is a disciple-making process for both those going as a team and those receiving a short-term team.


Here are the steps to participating in a short-term mission trip with Psalm 67:
  • Select the mission opportunity that interests you. Review this with your family, your church leaders, and decide whether or not this mission opportunity is right for you.
  • Apply by signing in at psalm67managedmissions.com
  • Visit www.psalm67missions.net and complete your $75.00 non-refundable deposit (note that Paypal imposes a fee so you will have to add this in). You can make this payment by clicking on the “make a one time donation” and adding “Deposit for (insert your name). You may also send a check to the address listed in the application.
  • If selected, you will receive notice by e-mail and login information to access trip information, goals, assigned reading, meetings, and all of that other “detailed” information.