About us

Pastor Scott Lee preaching on repentance. (Filmed in Northern Mexico)

For the glory of God and the expanse of His kingdom, Psalm 67 Missions partners with congregations and individuals in the making of disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the Spanish-speaking world. We do this primarily through discipleship, encouragement, and fellowship in the context of a long-term commitment.

Psalm 67 Missions was formed in 2008 through a partnership of congregations working together in short-term mission endeavors in and around northern Mexico. Since it’s beginning, we continue to work in northern Mexico and along the Rio Grande Valley along the Texas/Mexico border. Specific areas of work and emphasis include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing seminary scholarships to qualified individuals referred by Psalm 67 partners. 
  • Providing scholarships for additional training/conferences to qualified individuals
  • Facilitating and conducting training and conferences
  • Providing biblical materials (Bibles, Books, etc)
  • Facilitating individual and group discipleship meetings in person and through virtual communication.
  • Regular meetings with ministry partners for encouragement, fellowship, and accountability.
  • Working alongside ministry partners in their ministry context.
  • Networking with other ministries to provide needed connections to ensure care for our partners.

    Psalm 67 Missions home church is Rockport Baptist Church located near St. Louis, Missouri. Members of Rockport Baptist Church serve on the Psalm 67 board of directors. They, along with other ministry partners, provide guidance and oversight. 

Ministry Distinctives

  • We focus on partnership in the Gospel therefore we work alongside local, biblical leaders and not instead of them. 
  • We operate under the authority of the local church and it’s leaders. 
  • We seek to do all things well and all to the glory of God.