Financial Partnership with Psalm 67 Missions

Thank you for your interest in joining the support team. We value our financial partners. Pray for them and view their work in giving equally as important as though who are sent out to serve. We currently have two forms of giving: 

● Monthly Financial Ministry Partnership (Greatest Need) 

● Individual gifts for specific needs or projects 

There are a few things you need to know about online giving: 

All contributions, including online transaction fees, are tax-deductible. The process is simple and involves a few steps. Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Paypal receives approximately 3% of every online transaction. We have found this to be typical of most online services. For example, if you make a contribution of $100.00, Paypal will receive approximately $3.00 and Psalm 67 will receive $97.00. 

Once you click on the button below you will be redirected to Paypal’s site. Please remember to complete your contact information and please leave a note in the memo section.

To begin giving as a Monthly Financial Ministry Partner: 

● Click the PayPal link on the right when you are ready 
● Select an amount and select “Make this a Monthly Donation” 
● Choose to make the monthly contribution through Credit Card or through Paypal account which allows EFT. 
● Please remember to leave your contact information.
● Thank you for your support